What Kathryn stands for

As both an individual and a candidate for Division 8, Kathryn stands for:

  • Informing and representing the vulnerable coastal communities of Division 8 leading up to the next Planning Scheme (2023). The planning scheme allows for sustainable development and the primacy of the planning scheme must be respected to provide statutory assurance.
  • A more transparent local government with meaningful consultation and best practice planning for
    our region, based on best available science and well managed and sustainable growth.
  • More diversity within local government. Too often people in these roles do not reflect and advocate
    for the diverse needs of families and individuals living in our communities.
  • More efficient and better use of rates. We have seen the second highest Council rate increases in
    SEQ and, though growth is expected and encouraged, we must manage rates to keep them as low
    as possible while maintaining a good level of service and infrastructure to keep up with this growth.
  • Respecting our local environment – our beaches, our diverse flora and fauna for its beauty and its
    economic value and intended function.
  • Ensuring the residents and ratepayers of Division 8 have a strong voice and their concerns are
    adequately reflected via the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) policy development underway
    over the next several years. There is much debate and evolving law around climate change ‘risk exposure’ and duty of care – policy must reflect legal and industry risk assessment criteria such as those of the banks and insurers in order that those investing in the coastal zone are protected.

Kathryn explains “It’s one thing to grow and prosper and economic stability is important. However, we are not worker ants and we don’t live in a corporation – the Council’s culture needs to change to achieve balance and maintain our quality of life and liveability. This is the reason we love our Sunshine Coast and why so many people holiday in our region”.

“I have fresh legs and fresh ears and I’m excited about the future of our region and the direction it can take on the international stage – I want to protect and enhance our ‘Brand Sunshine Coast’.

We are on the cusp of getting it right and it could go either way depending on the culture of local decision makers. The public should be entitled to spend their time going about their busy lives building social capital and paying rates and taxes, trusting that decisions are made in their best interests”.

That’s what I want to bring to the table – I want to restore trust in decision making at the local level