About Kathryn

Who Kathryn is

I announced my intention to run for Councillor in Division 8, the greater North Shore region, in the Local Government elections that were held on 28 March 2020 after having been approached by many organisations and individuals who’ve recognised my work ethic over some time and requested that I throw my hat in the ring.

People of the North Shore and surrounds have witnessed my work ethic and commitment to good governance during my time spent on the Twin Waters West proposed development along with my involvement in OSCAR (Organisation Sunshine Coast Association of Residents).

I felt that a strong and balanced voice was needed during these times of change.

I have background studies in education and the international luxury tourism industry and understands the symbiotic relationship between community, the private and the public sectors.

My attendance at many industry body conferences has taught me that there are good people everywhere who are members of the community themselves doing a fabulous job across areas of expertise. Too often the running theme is that ‘it’s the politics that gets in the way of sound decision making’ – this needs to change and it starts at the local level.

As a mother, I have been fortunate to be in a position to take some time away from paid work to raise my young children and give back to her community, support her husband’s career in finance and IT and am now positioned to work hard and make a difference.

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, live in Twin Waters and am married to husband David with whom I am raising two young children. Kathryn is a member of many local associations and lobby groups and has held executive positions including Executive Committee member for OSCAR, and previously for many other local groups.

“Through my involvement and discussions with local residents and families over so many years, I have become increasingly aware that good governance in decision making for the public good requires people to be informed and involved in the political process. It seems to me that your local councillor should be actively advocating and informing constituents of issues impacting them, particularly when decisions have far reaching ramifications for residents, investors and the business community alike.

People are busy – they are entitled to intelligent and hardworking representation”.