Independent candidate for Division 8 in the Sunshine Coast Regional Council elections, Kathryn Hyman,  as put kerbside rubbish collection at the top of her to-do list.

“Tip fees have gone up, and my family, like a lot of others do not drive a ute so we then have to borrow or hire one – its costly and it’s a hassle for busy people” she said.

Ms Hyman said that her doorknocking, both north and south of the river, had raised voter concern that this Council has taken away kerbside collection.

“This Council may or may have taken away kerbside collection, but it certainly didn’t restore it.”

The expense of kerbside collection has been given as a negative, but Ms Hyman wondered how that compared to that to the expense of cleaning up illegal dumping on vacant land and in waterways.

Not only that, page 81 of the Council’s 2018/19 Annual Report compares actual surplus (ie profits) with Budget projections for Waste Management Services which is a council commercial business activity, had a Budget target of $8.6 million; the actual was $10.1 million.

Waste Management Services have seen profits for SCRC in prior years now amounting to more than $74 million under the current leadership.

Ms Hyman questions “Are we supposed to yield a profit on waste collection? And given the balance remaining, year after year – why can’t we afford kerbside collect?”

Ms Hyman that her listening tour of the Division 8 suburbs had been vital in her understanding the desires and concerns of her fellow residents.

She said that the reintroduction of kerbside collection of rubbish would be a show of faith from the new Council that it was listening and acting.

“Think of all the local authorities where the voters are happiest and those where the local authorities that listen to voters’ concerns and fix them.”

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