PFAS Interview – Win News


NB Video no longer available

I was pleased to get the call and talk to this important issue around the transparency, or lack of it stemming from our council.

The report, like many others, should have been released to the public – it’s not fair that people have to go to this sort of hassle to access information about public purse expenditure only to receive something months later that should’ve been in the public domain in the first place.

The incumbent simply maintains ‘the levels of PFAS were low’ – what about all the secrecy and lack of advocacy? It’s the process here that is the real problem and the heart of the matter.

The local government principles enshrined in the Act requires transparency and accountability- it is when this is not happening its time for people to step up hold governments to account.

I’m doing my bit and have been for years – I realised our problem is political.

We asked for the report and it should have been made freely available. End of story.