Some do say ‘you bought near an airport, you should expect noise’.


But since people bought, the proposed runway alignment has changed TWICE.

As I’d said previously, we found $43 million out of nowhere to deal with PFAS on site, after we’d paid substantially for an EIS process with these gross omissions. Yet we can’t find one red cent to compensate those who’s home will be rendered uninhabitable, continue to pay their mortgage, and fund a class action and litigation through the courts.


“THE opening of the new Sunshine Coast Airport runway in May will ultimately render 12 homes unliveable, according to a community organisation whose members will bear part of the impact.

Mudjimba Residents Association president Martin Peelgrane said he had identified a total of 438 homes in Mudjimba that would be adversely affected by the new runway by 2040, according to Sunshine Coast Council’s noise tool calculator.

Of those he said 12 were predicted to be located inside the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) 25 contour which would make them unsuitable as dwellings according to Australian standards.

He said another 426 homes would be located in the area between the ANEF 20 and 25 contours, rendering them suitable as dwellings only with significant soundproofing measures.

“Theoretically, the 12 buildings inside the ANEF 25 contour are unsuitable as dwellings, but we need to wait until planes start landing to assess the real impact of noise on homes,” Mr Peelgrane said

Once planes start landing on the new runway we can measure the internal noise levels to determine how much noise mitigation will be required for these homes to comply with the AS 2021.”

Bedrooms need to be less than 50dbA and livings areas less than 60dbA.

An arriving B737 jet generates about 92dbA at ground level one kilometre from the end of the runway, placing the impact directly on homes inside the northern end of the beachside suburb.

The residents’ association has already sought legal advice about a class action for compensation.

Sunshine Coast Council has repeatedly ruled out paying compensation or for rectifications to improve liveability of those affected, a position Mr Peelgrane said would be ultimately tested in court.”

Mudjimba Residents’ Association…/airport-r…/3954155/…

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