I attended a fundraiser yesterday organised by Development Watch in a desperate plea to raise the remaining $58k to take this appeal over the line. They’ve raised almost $400k in a brave and exhausting David and Goliath battle against big Corp and our own council.

This is not just a Sekisui / Yaroomba issue, if this appeal is dismissed it will become a precedent and it will then become case law. Meaning, it opens the gates for gross disrespect of town plans everywhere in every community. The Sunshine Coast planning scheme 2014 is the rules based statutory document that we all agreed on, paid $15 million for and is intended to provide assurance to residents, investors and the business community alike as they undertake due diligence before investing in an area. It is important the primacy and integrity of the planning scheme is respected.


If you wanted to renovate your home or build a carport you would have to comply with the codes in the scheme, full stop – and so should influential developers. I am not aware of a resident who has been obliged overriding of the planning scheme in order to approve a non conforming development application.

Please consider a donation to this important action undertaken by community groups and volunteers against teams of Corp solicitors and barristers – let’s help give the underdog a fighting chance, for the principle, for the character and amenity of towns everywhere, and to show that THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE PEOPLE IN POWER.

This application simply should never have been approved.

(POST SCRIPT EDIT: to account for incidental court costs let’s add an extra $20/30k to target figure).…

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