I have been undertaking quarterly stakeholder group meetings with the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Coalition and Sunshine Coast Council for some time.

I worked closely with a traffic engineer who specialises in fauna friendly infrastructure and we drafted a parliamentary petition to incorporate fauna friendly road crossings, underpasses and overpasses into all new road infrastructure projects in Queensland.

The total cost is an extra 2-4% to provide safe crossings for our wildlife in order to see a decrease in road strikes and road kill.

Our unique wildlife are struggling to navigate and survive our road systems – this is a simple common sense solution to this problem we have created, and, it creates jobs in the industry.

Please sign and share this important initiative because we can be accommodating wildlife and jobs.…/petit…/petition-details…

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House serious concerns regarding the rapid expansion of urban development in Queensland which is causing an alarming increase in vehicle strikes involving our native wildlife listed and protected under State and Federal environment legislation, and those species which are locally significant. Population growth projections indicate vehicle strikes involving fauna will continue to increase until ‘fauna-friendly’ infrastructure is installed, or species are pushed to the point of localised extinctions. Increasing vehicle strikes and ‘near misses’ are likely to result in increasing motorist casualties and property damage.

It is estimated that to incorporate ‘fauna-friendly’ infrastructure (such as wildlife overpasses/underpasses, rope bridges, fencing etc) in all new road infrastructure projects would add no more than 2% – 4% to project costs. This minimal expenditure translates into a significant number of additional jobs. We also call for the region’s road network to be treated as a ‘One Road Network’. We note that development industry profits are made off the back of habitat loss and wildlife deaths. These costs can no longer be externalised to the environment and must be responsibly apportioned.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House urge the Premier to mandate the provision of ‘fauna friendly’ infrastructure as above. We remind all Members that fauna deaths associated motorist casualties and property damage is likely to continue to rise, we therefore request this issue be urgently addressed and enacted prior to the state election in 2020.


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