Parking woes

We’ve all had our parking woes and grappled with the introduction of ‘user pays’.

This is however a situation that is out of sync with community needs, adequate planning and treating rate payers like cash cows.

I was once fined (meeting with a local councillor) by QLD Police and Sunshine Coast Council for the same time and place / infringement. One fine was $54, and the other was $92. Naturally I queried this. It was explained that $92 was the maximum amount allowed under QLD legislation.

Guess who used their discretionary powers to allocate the lower fee? Qld Police.

So, council are approving these developments that do not have;

• adequate parking,
• do not have adequate public transport,
• do not have adequate accessibility in times of disaster for emergency vehicles, AND
• we are charged the maximum amount the law will allow when we use our common sense because the obvious has become so obvious it can’t be denied.

This is a cash grab on residents and I agree with the fellow in the article – it’s just plain lousy and I don’t think it passes the pub test.

“Hunter and his mum, Madeline Davis, questioned why people in estates such as theirs were seemingly being targeted for parking fines when the residents were simply “doing their best to keep the streets clear and park off-road”.

“We know that is considered council property, but he did it, along with many others, as people do in these narrow-streeted estates,” Madeline Davis said.

“This is a widespread problem for many locals (and) there is absolutely no commonsense being applied here.”

Ms Davis had been a resident of Caloundra since the 1980s, and had seen many major developments in the area.

She said there needed to be recognition of the repercussions of approving such estates like Caloundra South, and called for a review of the law surrounding parking on the grass strips.”

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